The People
Engineering Services
Qualified tower structural engineers are in short supply at the current time, and we meet the needs of our customers for these services.

We have a qualified and professional staff to meet any engineering demands that may arise. We specialize in the structural engineering of communications structures such as guyed towers, self supporting towers, monopoles, rooftop mounts, and specialty antenna mounts. We offer structural engineering services such as tower design, tower analysis, and antenna mount design. We also offer tower inspection services.

Our Administration provides technical and business leadership to the Company. With a wealth of experience of over 21 years in voice and data communications, including global projects in locations throughout North America, South America, China. Our Precident/ CEO held senior technical positions at EDS and IBM in the consulting & outsourcing divisions. Effective April 2008 we've set a strong focuse and dedicated time on High Speed Crow and the very lucrative business opportunities being presented.

Field Operations
The Director of Field Operations at HSC has been with the company since 2007. Prior to that worked on major pipeline expansions and worked in the oil sands of Alberta. He is certified as a Red Seal plumber and steamfitter, and is training in high angle rescue, tower climbing, aerial lift and confined spaces. Through his 20 years working in commercial construction projects, his expertise for field operations has been demonstrated through the growth of the company.